Friday, 10 May 2013

Inspiration for your assignment

Suggested topics:
-Synthesis and characterisation of a new pigment for the coatingsindustry
-Synthesis and/or testing of a new binder chemistry for coatings applications
-Sustainable/Green alternatives to existing technologies in the paint industry
-Synthesis and characterization of a new additive (pref. dispersing agent)
-More fundamental topics like : Multiple scattering or advanced application of Kubelka Munk
-Characterisation of a historically used pigment (e.g. a natural pigment, and a synthetic alternative route)
-photochromic, thermochromic pigments or a new non-conventional pigment for paint
new effect pigment: diffraction pigments (diffraction gratings engineered on pigment particles)
-Carbon footprint studies on coatings
-Mechanism in an antocorrosive paint.
-Infrared reflective/transparent black pigments for lower energy consumption

 For this, spend some time searching journals or patents (the latter are harder to read). A couple of keywords entered in the search boxes with big publishers like ACS and Wiley will take you a long way.

Discuss your choice with me before the lecture of Monday May 20

Relevant journals which contain coating/pigment/colour related publications.:
Publisher ACS:

Cover image for Vol. 38 Issue 3Publisher: Wiley
Title: Colour Reseach&Application

Cover image for Vol. 64 Issue 2Title: Materials and corrosion

Cover image for Vol. 129 Issue 3
Coloration technology (Wiley) has next to their regular articles an overview of their review articles: https://sibdi.ucr.ac.cr/http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/%28ISSN%291478-4408/homepage/review_articles_2009-2011.htm

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